Wishlist Error Page Booster

Wishlist Error Page Booster

Wishlist Error Page Booster allows creating one targeted and dynamic error page for your the entire membership site and change the error page’s content according pages non-members tried to access.

These dynamic error pages can be easily created by inserting simple shortcodes into the error page, making it the perfect sales letter to attract new members.

Why we developed Wishlist Error Page Booster?

One of the very best tactics to attracting non-members or members from a lower membership level is to show them a “teaser” of the protected content.

If they are interested in your content, they click on the “Read More” tag and then they are redirect to an error page.

That is why the error page you choose to present to your non-members will have a tremendous effect on your conversion rates.

What you need to do now to make your non-members subscribe to the membership is tell them WIFT (what’s in it for them).

Wishlist Error Page Booster shows your non-members WIFT!

The plugin’s shortcodes are used to present to your non-members a relevant error page according to the protected content they tried to access.

The plugin creates one error page that presents different content each time from one visitor to another according to the below information:

  • The requested content protection level
  • Thir curent active protection levels
  • The protected content’s title and intro (a teaser)
  • A link to upgrade to the protected content’s membership level
  • In addition, you will be able to add a content box that will be presented to each non-member according to the relevant membership level. Inside that content box you can give details about each membership level and its benefits.

See Wishlist Error Page Booster in Action

The below screenshot is an example of an error page created by Wishlist Error Page Booster.

The visitors who were redirected to the error page were expecting to get more information on the content they tried to access.

By “teasing” them with a glimpse of that content and convincing them why they should subscribe to get more of it, you are more likely to increase your subscriptions’ CTR.

Your membership site’s error page is the best sales letter you’ll have!

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5 thoughts on “Wishlist Error Page Booster”

  1. Great plugin, but what is the different between the regular custom error page wishlist member developed and Wishlist Error Page Booster?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Good question. Wishlist Member’s new custom error page gives you the ability to define different error pages for every protected content you have on your website. The problem begins when you have a lot of protected content, because then you need many targtted pages in many different cases, one for each protected content.

      Wishlist Error Page Booster gives you the ability to use special shortcodes, all you need to do is insert them into your error page. This shortcodes will be replaced with information from the page the visitor has tried to reach.

      For example: you could insert into your error page a shortcode that will display the title and a snippset of the content the visitor tried to access. That way your visitor will see he got to the right place and if he wants to get the rest of the content, he should register or upgrade his membership level.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yes you can use the plugin for unlimited websites as long as they are your own websites and not clients’ websites.

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