Wishlist Member Extensions is now HappyPlugins

happyplugins-logo-the_store_newAmong the years we have developed many plugins some of them as a commercial plugins and some of them are private plugins for customer specific need.

Many of our ours plugins was Wishlist Member related and we had to built a new website for each plugin this had caused many time to focus on building the website and many time customers didn’t know about other plugins that we which could benefit it for them.

Because of that we have decided to merge the Wishlist Member Extension with HappyPlugins and transfer them to one online store.

You can visit our online store on: http://happyplugins.com 


Wishlist Auto Registration

Wishlist Auto Registration is one of the plugins we know many of you are waiting for, and you probably guest by the name what it is going to do.

Wishlist Auto Registration automates the registration process of members who register to a Wishlist Member membership site.

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Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes

Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes works seamlessly with Wishlist Member to create the perfect flow for your Pay-per-Post membership site.

All you need to do is add the simple shortcodes to the relevant posts and pages to make the flow work perfectly.

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Wishlist Error Page Booster

Wishlist Error Page Booster allows creating one targeted and dynamic error page for your the entire membership site and change the error page’s content according pages non-members tried to access.

These dynamic error pages can be easily created by inserting simple shortcodes into the error page, making it the perfect sales letter to attract new members.

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Wishlist Protected Content Widget

There is more than one way to maximize your membership site’s revenues.

One of the  best ways of doing that is giving your members a glimpse at a higher membership level’s content, and attract them to sign-up to that level and see the desired content.

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Wishlist Quick Access

Navigating through Wishlist Member features can sometimes take too long, especially if you are new to the plugin and you are only starting to learn its features.

Wishlist Quick Access plugin will help you navigate through Wishlist Member easily and quickly and will save you valuable time in understanding Wishlist and building your membership site.

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Wishlist Registration Widget

One of the hardest ways when launching a new membership site is attracting new members and convincing them to sign up  as paying members is even harder.

The right way to turn visitors to paying members is by turning them to FREE members, giving them valuable content and gaining their trust.

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Wishlist Protection Display

Wishlist Protection Display saves you valuable time in managing your membership site’s content by displaying the membership level inside the posts and pages tables.

Wishlist Protection Display shows you the protection level of each post and page on your site from the All Posts / All Pages area.

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Wishlist Auto Protect

Wishlist Auto Protect allows you to easily protect your content or move it from one membership level to another automatically.

For example: Let’s say you want to publish a bonus for your members, but you want it to be available only for a period of 3 weeks.

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