Our Network

Our Network

We at Wishlist Member Extensions have created Wishlist Member dedicated membership sites resources with all the information on Wishlist Member.

The decision to establish these resources came due to the lack of information regarding Wishlist Member and membership sites.

Wishlist Member Plugins

Wishlist Member Plugins was established in August 2011 in order to give Wishlist Member users all the information on Wishlist in one place.

The website contains unique information on Wishlist Member and Wishlist Insider, their online community.

In addition, the website contains complementary information on membership sites in general.

Among the information you can find the below content:

  • Reviews and tutorials on Wishlist Insider’s monthly bonus plugins
  • Promotions and announcements released by Wishlist Member team
  • Recommended services that integrate with Wishlist Member
  • Wishlist Member dedicated plugins
  • Marketing strategies for membership sites owners
  • Common questions regarding Wishlist Member

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Wishlist Member Experts

Wishlist Member Experts was established in December 2011 as a resource for premium guides on Wishlist Member.

The guides contain unique information that cannot be found anywhere else.

The subjects for the guides were collected from membership sites owners questions.

Each guide contains a thorough information on a specific subject, along with screenshots and checklists.

The guides include information on the below subjects: 

  • How to SEO a membership sites
  • Simple Press and Wishlist Member integration
  • Wishlist Member and pay-per-post
  • Upsells and Wishlist Member
  • And more

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Wishlist Member Developers

Wishlist Member Developers was established in order to provide an all-in-one package for building membership sites.

Our team includes developers and programmers from all over the world: USA, Russia, Pakistan etc.

We also have a special team of Wishlist Member certified developers that are dedicated to Wishlist Member projects.

Our team has over 7 years of experience and has build a large amount of membership sites for clients over the years.

Our membership sites building services include: 

  • Complete setup of membership levels, error pages, protection settings etc.
  • Autoresponders integration
  • Shopping carts integration
  • webinar integration
  • forum integration
  • And more

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